It’s more fun in the Philippines

Is it really more fun in the Philippines?  

Well, that’s certainly what I got to experience last week high above London.

What better way to showcase all your country has to offer, than secure one of the best venues in London-  Searcy’s at The Gherkin– and put on the party of all parties: invite dignitaries, movers and shakers and get the party going with an amazing MC, the Black Eyed Peas star


The proud Filipino, headlined the fabulous event on the top floor of the iconic Gherkin building, during which he treated us all to a selection of Black Eyed Peas songs as well as a performance of his “It’s more fun in the Philippines” song. Throughout the party a huge screen transported us away and we got to see the beauty the Philippines has to offer: serene beaches, gorgeous nature and amazing culture. The theme of the event was EDM (Electronic Dance Music), which saw us dancing long in to the night and proving it really isMore Fun In The Philippines.

I loved how everyone, including Department of Tourism’s Secretary, joined in the party.  Any speeches were short and to the point, highlighting the successes of this year’s campaign and  we got to hear about how the Philippines is a place for more fun, friendship, feel-good adventures, and fabulous memories to cherish.

In 2016 International holidaymakers will be treated to many new and exciting attractions and spectacular locations that showcase the beauty of the Philippines islands and the warmth of its people. A host of exclusive events are planned for 2016 including Madrid Fusión Manila 2016 in April for foodies, the 2016 Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship in August for sports and outdoor enthusiasts, and the MTV Music Evolution 2016 in May for music-lovers.

Returning visitors will also be given exclusive travel deals and special incentives to keep them returning to the Philippines including special discounts on flights, hotel accommodation and tour packages by simply presenting proof of previous visits.

Philippines Department of Tourism’s Secretary Ramon R. Jimenez, Jr., said: “ No matter whether a traveller visits our country once or 10 times, they will always discover something new. The launch event was a spectacular showcase of the Philippines’ hospitality and we are looking forward to welcoming UK visitors to our beautiful destination in 2016.

The party definitely proved the huge hit.  Some whispers said it was THE Party of the World Travel Market this year.

It has certainly whetted my appetite even more for visiting.  The kids have been nagging us to go for ages. As some of their best friends at school are Filipinos and growing up I had some great Filipino friends Darren and Delia, who I sadly lost touch with.

While I scheme about visiting I shall kindle the fun of the party and reread some of Kirstie’s posts on Family Adventure Project in the Philippines.  I am also digging out my wishlist which is ever growing since I first started it as a child, based on stories told by my friends.

I really want to got to North Luzon, see the rice fields, the jungle and experience the culture there.  Have you heard of the fascinating tales of the Kalinga tattooed warriors?  The last to practice this dying tradition is an 89 year old lady still working the rice fields daily.  It is these sorts of experiences that draw me North.

Fort Santiago_IMG_0674_TPB

Fort Santiago- Image courtesy of Philippines Tourism Promotions Board

Angelina loves things cute and cuddly and has such a sense of protection.  She’d love going to the  Philippine tarsier sanctuary Corella.

Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta), known locally as the Maumag in the Visayas - photoraphed on Bohol

Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta), known locally as the Maumag in the Visayas – photographed on Bohol

Hugo wants to learn to surf.  It’s been on his wishlist for a long time.  Philippines has some cracking surf beaches. Sabang maybe?

Max adores marine life.  How awesome would it be to go snorkelling with manta rays and whale sharks? Mindoro?

Philippines Coron- image by Eric Beltran

Coron- image by Eric Beltran

And Dadonthebrink would certainly deserve a little relaxing on a white sandy beach under a parasol, though I’m pretty sure I’d drag him out sailing. Where would he enjoy?

Beachline of Panglao Island- image courtesy of Philippines Department of Tourism

Beachline of Panglao Island- image courtesy of Philippines Department of Tourism

Where would you want to visit in the Philippines?

Or have you been and can give me some tips?  What has to go on our list of MUST DOs?