Welcome to the Mum on the brink blog. 

 My name is Monika.

I swapped a life of  commuting, advising others on how to create communities and how to share what you learn on the job to being part of a community myself.  I joined the club of parents and then ventured online to find parent bloggers in this growing online world in Spring 2010.  On Mum on the brink blog I share the ups and downs, ins and outs of the most important role I’ve ever held- that of  being a Mother.

I have a brood of three beautiful multilingual Littlins.

Angelina, my spring baby, introduced me to my role as a mother in 2007. My beautiful angel gently inducted me into motherhood increasing the level of challenge as we go on. She is ever so creative, loves to read and draw.

My autumn baby, Hugo, came along in 2008. He’s a smart cookie, carved his place out immediately and made sure we all danced to his tune.  He is a very thoughtful boy with a real sense of adventure and a fascination with wildlife, especially bugs.

In 2012 Max, my summer baby, entered our lives. My happy mini giant slots into our life, troddles along with our routines of school runs and daily chores; yet he is also very determined and will make his wishes and wants known immediately and very clearly.  He is our little footballer and future rally driver.

In my muddles I have a partner in crime, my winter man- Dadonthebrink.

We live in the gorgeous city of Oxford in the UK.

We love to travel, love the outdoors and quite like our technology- be that comms devices or household appliances.  I always have big and small house improvement projects on the go- having project managed 2 big house renovation and extension projects since being  home with the Littlins.

We make an effort to live in a more environmentally conscious way; dabble in gardening and keeping chickens.

I blog because, I love sharing what I’ve learnt so others may benefit from the learning and be saved from a mistake or two that I did make. I love getting comments and feedback.

I often get asked- on the brink of what?  Well…

. . . there is always an unlimited number of possible futures coming towards us at each particular moment. We ‘choose’ one of those futures

. . . Now!

. . . and that selected future then becomes the unalterable past.

Now is the moment in time when the future becomes the past.”

                                                                                                      (Michael Hewitt- Gleeson)

… you never know what exciting things are on the brink! 😉

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