The truth about the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera #timetestedreview

Nokia 1020 in case


The bright yellow phone in a bright red jacket, that’s my Nokia Lumia 1020, my new companion gadget for the past couple of months.

The question I get asked most often (especially from technically-minded dads at the kids’ school or out and about) is whether the camera really as good as it’s made out to be in the adverts.

My answer is a resounding YES!

Since last November, when I got my phone, my trusty bridge camera sits all too often in a drawer.  I love the convenience of a decent point and shoot built into my N1020, not having to lug a separate piece of kit around to capture precious moments (and the reassurance of having the photos backed up to my OneDrive/SkyDrive almost as soon as they are taken.)

My shots are generally of the kids, most often inside in this dreadful weather we’ve had.  A toddler or my young school children involved in some activity, jumping, dashing about.  Few still lifes.

I was really pleased to capture this moment of the topping of the tree.  Angelina was really wobbling.

I was really pleased to capture this moment of the topping of the tree. Angelina was really wobbling.

How does the N1020 camera cope with motion?

Well, I’d say pretty well.  Often when I take a shot (something that is easy to do with the dedicated exposure button on the Windows Phones), the picture will seem blurry… and then the phone does its magic and processes the image giving a beautiful image.

family garden drying laundry solar power

Using solar and wind energy to get the freshest bedding imaginable.

How about low light?

The Nokia 1020 has a built-in LED flash, so that’s always an option.  However, it is very strong and hurts my Littlins eyes, so I often have it switched off.  The camera copes quite well with low level light and still captures the antics of my kids relatively well, in my non-professional photographer opinion.

Sealife London Aquarium glass walkway

I love the way the camera captures close ups and I’ve had lots of fun experimenting with it, pressing the focus on different parts of the photo.


Bumblebee waking for the spring

Max was totally fascinated by the first bumblebee of the season.

But, dear readers, I guess I’ll let you be the judge of this little phone’s camera.

You can find lots more pictures take with the Nokia 1020 on my Instagram stream, (I often don’t add any filters, because I find the shot look best all natural.)

What do you think?

If you are interested: pop over to see how the Nokia and iPhone cameras compare


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  1. The pictures look great. I have been debating getting this phone for a long time, I know people would probably recommend getting a good camera instead, but I love the handiness of a phone, I know I will always have my phone with me but often forget my camera, and the pics on this do look fab!

    • Mumonthebrink says:

      I love having the camera always handy! The only caveat is if you use your camera constantly, like I did at the London Aquarium the other day, the battery won’t last the day. Not a problem if you can charge during the day, as it does charge up very quickly.

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