Dear Matilda Mae

Dear beautiful Matilda Mae,


Splashing in puddles of our tears as we remember Matilda Mae

This letter is so hard to write,  daily, thinking of you still breaks my heart!

A blog baby, who graced us for a mere moment with her delight.

Now you shine, as a star, bright up in the night.


With your birth you brought hope, love and inspiration,

in departing you sprinkled sparkes of hope, love and inspiration

spreading to far corners; Shimmer that will go on and on and on…

The world is brighter because you’ve been and now shine your light.


Matilda Mae, you leave a beckon of guiding light.

For us, a very real and personal one.


In this past year you have brought our family closer together:

We have had great adventures, travelled further;

We have had music in our lives, sung your name so many times;

We have blown bubbles, giggled and splashed about;

We have got messy and muddy and not even cringed;

We have met amazing people, maybe our friends for life;

And we have proved that for the love of another one will do almost anything,

Even jump out of an aeroplane;


Matilda Mae order-of-service-front-cover1

Oh beautiful Matilda Mae, it still seems unfathomable how you can be gone,

snatched when all was so perfect and you so tender and pure.


Born to be an Angel?  Otherwise how can it be?!


Now you look over the world and send playful little signs.


I do hope you have fun when you paint the skies pinks and purples.


Is that you creating rainbows and leading us to play, love and laugh?


We dance in puddles of our tears, a rainbow across the sky

and we blow our bubble kisses to you up above,

know you are remembered every day and will be forever more;

Know that through you we have learnt a lot.

For that,

Matilda Mae, we love you and thank you!


Matilda Mae, we hold your family in our hearts and include them in our prayers at this especially difficult time. 


Lots of love and a million kisses,

Monika, Dadonthebrink, Angelina, Hugo & Max




Letters for Matilda Mae

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