The Legacy of a Baby…Thank you Matilda Mae

Legacy- it’s a big word! What legacy can a 9 month old baby have?

It is a heartbreaking thought even thinking of a life lost so young!

Yet Every being leaves a legacy, a footprint or two…

And thanks to today’s technology and social media, a mother’s grief, the loss of a gorgeous baby girl, can have ripples reaching far beyond that imaginable.

On the 2nd of February 2013 God called one of his angels, Matilda Mae back to his side.

She now shines bright in the sky through the star named after her.

Tomorrow her Earthly remains will go on their final journey.

Lots of people around the globe will join this farewell either in person or through the different media channels. I will make the journey to honour this baby girl, for she has left a huge hole in the hearts of those who knew and loved her, but she has also filled gaps of others’ with love, patience and a greater appreciation of life and family.

Sadly, such appreciation, often, only comes through loss and I am so so so sorry for her family’s loss! My heart breaks at the unimaginable pain of her family.

The legacy she leaves:

  • She will always be Jennie’s and David’s Baby Tilda; Esther and William’s baby sister. Their guardian angel ever present in their lives.
  •  Of course she leaves the adorable images of herself imprinted in so many people’s hearts, the anecdotes her mother has shared of her through her short life and beyond.
  • Her mummy’s writing will comfort many who sadly follow in her footsteps.
  • Her mummy’s writing will also encourage parents to let their hair down and PLAY, really play with their children.
  • Pink and purple will mean Matilda Mae for lots of parents far and wide and will, hopefully, make us be better parents, take a deep breath, hold our child for a little longer, be more patient and show the love we have for them more, even as time passes.
  • Matilda Mae, by passing through, shows that the World still cares. A wide community can come together to support those who are hurting. I recently heard a song with a line “you are not alone!”…it resonates; this is so true!
  • People have donated to charities- Bliss and FSID and will continue to in time to come. This, in itself, will save lives!

The ripple effect of Matilda Mae’s short stay on Earth is immense so far… however, I believe, her real legacy is still to be realised.

This Angel’s flutter of her wings has set in motion so many good things we don’t even know about!

She has opened the doors for many wonderful things to happen.

Tomorrow as we say Goodbye Baby Tilda and celebrate her life, I will be thinking of the line a fellow blogger wrote on her blog Crazywithtwins:

” Twinkle Twinkle Matilda Mae,

Did you had fun in heaven today?”

She deserves to laugh and play for she has come to Earth, touched so many, achieved and enabled so much.

Thank you Baby Tilda for being among us and may the flutter of your wings carry on to bring about good for a long-long time!

May your family find some comfort in the amazing legacy you have left.

I leave you with her mother’s adoring words

How can you help the ripples reach further?


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