The depth and breadth of a 5 and 4 year old

You’ll often hear me tearing my hair out about my gorgeous dreamy Little Miss.  She is in another world most of the time, somewhere where time moves slower, in a more relaxed pace. Perhaps there children are allowed to be children for longer, don’t have to rush to school 6 days a week. …yes, she does go 6 days a week, because she also goes to Dutch School on Saturdays.  It is her favourite school.

I often catch myself talking to her and get no responce, then hours later she responds. Frustratingly adorable!

The other day I asked her and her brother to draw a card for their old nursery teacher, who was leaving the nursery to spend more time with her family. Nasreen had looked after Little Miss for 2 years before she went to school and Little Man for over 3 years at least 2 days a week.  Nasreen is a lovely, gentle soul with obvious love and care for the children in her care and she also balances her strict authority with them well. She will be sorely missed.

This is what they came up with:

a goodbye card deep and meaningful

Little Miss drew a rainbow, stormy clouds and the sun, with two small figures. Inside she wrote “Hav a gud jornee!” (Have a good journey).  To her anyone who leaves goes to distant places.  Not so in this case, however when I asked her what she had drawn the inscription was all too fitting:

“it means may there be a rainbow and sun to brighten your stormy days!”

I kid you not!!! I was totally blown away by this! My 5 year old had just crafted a life philosophy.


Guess how much I love you goodbye card

Little Man’s was super cute too.  He’s not much of a drawer. He made lots of spots and then asked her sister to write

“I love you as much as there are dots on the page”

His sister misunderstood and wrote a line from one of our favourite books, which now we have the DVD version of too- Guess how much I love you. This does not detract from the original concept though. Adorable!

Both these farewell cards were created while I was busy in the kitchen or with Mini Man, no interference or guidance from me. They make me extremely proud and focus me on how different, but sensitive and creative my children are.


Have your children blown your mind with what profound wisdom or depth they’ve come up with?

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  1. My children astound me most days, it surprises me at how much they understand. Those cards are very lovely, well done to your kiddies.

    • Mumonthebrink says:

      I guess I brush over it day to day and once in a while they out do even themselves.

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