Smurfs2, ice cream and popcorn

I’m such a tart! Offer me a VIP screening of a kid’s film with some of our favourite characters, some ice cream and popcorn and my misplaced sense of adventure will have me dragging 3 kids on trains and across town.

Smurf2 from Sony Pictures

A very sweet film with some good messages.

The filmSmurfs 2.  We loved it!

The cute little blue dwarfs are back on screen and the mighty, nasty magician,  Garagamel is up to his usual no good, plotting world domination with his wicked assistant Azreal, the cat and maybe some other little beings too.  Smurfs2 is set in Paris, but with some old friends (from the first smurfs movie) from New York helping. Smurfette gets into real trouble for not trusting in the love of those around her. The storyline has twists, some good humour and excitement added, but no real scary bits- a bonus with Hugo (my 4 year old), who really lives through films and gets spooked by the frightful parts easily.

…I won’t tell you the story, just suggest you do go and see it with the kids. 😉

I loved the sarcasm of Blue’s birthday party and the message that it’s not where you come from, but it’s about who is there for you when you need it, who loves you and nurtures you.

Angelina’s favourite bit: “When Smurfette had fun flying with her brother and sister.”
Hugo’s favourite bit: “I liked Papa Smurf’s rescue.”

Another bonus- there’s some decent music in the film and not so much of the na-na-nanana-naaa-nanana-naaa. So you won’t come away humming that earwig all day. 😀

The popcorn– Odeon’s own. The salty too salty for my taste and the sweet not sweet enough. Angelina and Hugo would probably beg to differ on these points, having consumed 3 bags between them.

Beachdean icecream range for children

Simple yet delicious range with quality ingredients and great flavours

The ice cream– unlimited access to Beechdene’s range developed for children in collaboration with Nickelodeon- SpongeBob and Dora the Explorer ice creams.  The SpongeBob range consists tubs of 3 different flavours- vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. This may sound boring with all the exotic blends out there such as fish food* and the likes. Yet SpongeBob brings simple and good ice cream! Creamy, made of real milk, no artificial stuff added, just as proper ice cream should be.

The brand new Dora, the explorer, ice lollies come in 2 flavours- strawberry and orange.  For the sake of giving a reliable account I had to have multiple samples of these! 😉  My favourite of all tub and lollies was the Dora strawberry ice lolly. Bursting with flavour, no added artificial ingredients, really refreshing.

So there you go!  Now you know I can be bribed by ice cream… and chocolate.

With the heat of this summer which has been your favourite ice cream?

… yes I do know they spell fish food differently!

Disclaimer: we were the guests of Beechdean Dairies for the film, popcorn and the bucket loads of ice cream.  Thank you!
I wasn’t asked to write about our experiences nor the products… that’s all my own doing.  Now can I have some more of that ice cream please! 😛

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