Playmobil Fun Park Zirndorf Germany- water fun galore

Playmobil ( plāy-mō-bēēl) Fun Park  a large adventure playground in Zirndorf, Germany. In the Fun Park children are transported to imaginary places and enticed to play, climb, explore, test agility and skill.  The Playmobil FunPark is like stepping into a world where all your favourite Playmobil kit has been put into a ray machine and enlarged to human dimensions.

We visited the Playmobil Fun Park last summer and had an amazing time, vowing to go again this year.

This year our experience was totally different:  we arrived later and, as we found out, it was a local holiday besides it still being the school holidays.  It was also a beautiful hot sunny day.  The park was packed!

Playmobil FunPark Zirndorf

We needed to dodge pushchairs and carts quite a bit.  Yet it was different from last year because of the hot day: We spent our day concentrating on the water-based activities, which we didn’t really get to explore last time.


Our first stop was Dinosaur Land in the Fun Park, bypassing the busy pirate ship and pirate waters.  That waterfall is magical and the rope bridge absolutely tempting to “accidentally” fall in!  (Even though you are not supposed to swim in that water.)

Dinosaur land water fun


The treehouse provided some lovely shaded climbing and sliding opportunity for Angelina and Hugo.  They played make-believe of being stranded on an (not so) deserted island and escaping from all the monkeys around them.  In the meantime, Max was exploring the little stream trickling through from the enchanted sea shells (an area that was very busy with kids fishing out little treasures from the giant shells).

Adventurers treehouse climbing playmobil fun park zirndorf

Water playground

This place, we admired only from a distance last time, gave us so much fun and refreshment this time.  It was truly packed and the water freezing cold.  Yet it was so much fun!

All three of my brood loved playing with water, splashing, diverting it.  It was a right challenge playing alongside children speaking other languages, some having very different concepts of sharing (, normally those who didn’t have a parent in sight…as it happens everywhere in the world it seems).

 Fantastic water play fun at Playmobil fun park zirndorf

Noah’s ark

This is another water play haven of the Fun Park.  With kids divided been under 3s and over 3s it’s slightly less chaotic too.   I found it absolutely fascinating watching my kids and others play with the different Playmobil boats and other Playmobil toys intended for waterplay.

It was great that the area had lovely sails providing much needed shade from the strong summer sun.

The toys take a LOT of battering and the staff just couldn’t keep up with putting them together again.

Angelina fell totally in love with a fairy boat.  She somehow managed to find all the bits to it, including the Fairy Queen and Dadonthebrink helped put it together for her.

I thought Hugo would go for the cool new Pirate ship that Playmobil have come out with recently, but instead he loved the container ship.  I think it was the lure of crane and having a place to hoard all the treasures floating around in the water- a crocodile, a container, some people.

Max played with Noah’s Ark and loved making the animals go splash.  Then he took a lovely long nap his pushchair in the shade.

 Noahs Ark playmobil Fun park water play


As the afternoon passed we needed to drag the Littlins onto the next thing.  We wanted to see the new attraction for the year, the paddleboats.  This was the only thing we needed to queue for.  There are 16 colourful hand-powered boats  and the children go out on them in 10 minute batches.  We were in the 3rd batch. For part of this wait I queued while Dadonthebrink took the Littlins to the nearby climbing frame.

The Paddleboats are a lovely addition to the park! They are brilliant at teaching children coordination.   The little lake is enchanting.

While waiting we watched some kids filling barrels of water by paddling static bikes.  Again a fantastic toy- they couldn’t just paddle and it would fill the barrel, they needed to find the right speed to paddle. Brilliant!

 paddleboats playmobil fun park

My only real criticism for the park, however arose at the paddleboats:  Kids go out on their own; there are rules- age and weight restrictions (both minimum and maximum).  One little boy, who was probably just old enough to go on, got to the middle of the lake and got distressed.  His father hovered at the edge, trying to calm him, talk him back.  It was one of the other boats, one with a 10 year old or so boy that came to the rescue, bumping him back to the mooring places. I would’ve expected staff to step in, probably literally into the water.


Baby splash

Behind the paddleboats there is are 3 tiny water sprouts.  A perfect water playground for babies.

Indoor play

As the closing time neared, we decided to take the children to the indoor area where all the different Playmobil ranges are set out for children to play with.  Dadonthebrink stayed with them while I made the “mistake” of going to the shop.  I spent over 150 Euros!

Indoor play at Playmobil funpark  zirndorf ©Mumonthebrink

Dinner in the Beer Garden

When the park closed and I’d finished shopping, we decided to stay for dinner at the Beer Garden.  We were lucky finding a table relatively quickly; we had to wait a loooong time for our order to be taken.  However, once the order was taken getting drinks and food was relatively quick.  We ordered 3 different type of sausage dishes.  All very nice. (44 Euros for 4 main course, a beer, a large glass of water (they wouldn’t get me tap water) and a glass of coke.)

Beer garden and evening at Playmobil Fun Park zirndorf

After, we packed the kids and my secret bags full of exciting surprises for the coming months into the car and drove 5.5 hours to the Netherlands on nice quiet motorways.

We are definitely coming back next year, even trying to convince my sister to bring her boys!  In the meantime, we’ll create some Playmobil fun at home:

Playmobil purchases

 Have you been to Zirndorf and visited the Playmobil FunPark?  How did you like it?

Footnote: We couldn’t figure out how to book tickets in advance (I’m not sure there is a way), so it was quite nerve-racking driving 200km+ from our friends’ house not knowing whether the park would be too full and not letting more visitors in by the time we got there.  Could you please address this dear park management? Otherwise keep up the good work… you guys ROCK!!!

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  1. Dear Monika,

    Thank you for your nice report about the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark. Concerning your questions there are always at least two employees at each attraction taking care of the children’s security. Our staff is supposed only to interfere in case of real danger or emergency in order to give the children the possibility to solve tricky situations by themselves. Since it seems that the child in your description had not been in immediate danger, our staff did not jump into the water.
    You do not have to worry about not getting in the visitor will not exceed our capacities.
    We hope to welcome you and your familiy again soon at the PLAYMOBIL-FunPark.
    Kind regard from the PLAYMOBIL headquarters

    • Mumonthebrink says:

      Thank you Lisa for addressing my concerns raised!
      You are right there were at least two employees (three in this case) by the paddle boats. Not speaking German I had not insight into any conversation that might have taken place between the staff and the father. I was in full awe of the older boy who bumped the little boys boat out. Such maturity! I guess this is part of the Playmobil experience- children do really immerse in the adventure, good and not so good bits too.

  2. Karen says:

    I didn’t even know there was such an attraction, thanks for an informative read, I will be adding it to our to do list with my boys, we live visting new places 🙂 x
    Karen recently posted…My new obsessionMy Profile

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