Jumping into Gardening with the #KidsGrowWild Challenge

Thanks to Chris who blogs at Thinly Spread and Annie’s linky, the inspiring How does your garden grow?, we have been a bit more active in the garden this year, cleared weeds, trimmed hedges, prepared our veg bed. I had pledged to get the children more involved too.

Then along came the #KidsGrowWild Challenge from Britmums. I signed up for it.

A sweet children’s gardening kit arrived. It stood in the corner for a while; life’s just been too hectic with the half term, Max learning to and wanting to walk. Then my parents arrived to stay with us for a couple of weeks, bringing some tomato plants.

So two weeks ago we attacked the garden- my mum, me and the Littlins.

We emptied old pots, cleared the greenhouse of last year’s remnants, blended new bags of compost with some of our soil and some water retaining granuals, sorted canes, sliced up old roof slates for markers and so on.

The Littlins got bored, went off to jump on the trapoline, then kept coming back, helping a bit, then ducked out of the work again.

Angelina did a fantastic job chopping back our over-grown lemon balm and mint.

The fun really started when we tore open our packets of seeds, some of which we were sent from MoneySupermarket for this challenge, a bigger portion which I had picked up at Lidl and Aldi. Both children really enjoyed this part.
We talked about the different sizes of seeds and counted out how many we were going to put in our rows of pots.

Once planted we put our pots into the greenhouse.

We also planted out some parsley, I’d brought from the supermarket, into one of the beds and scattered some radish and dill seeds in too.

When all we could was planted the best bit came- watering the freshly sown seeds in. Kids and watering cans! 🙂 Squeals as the water went on the other’s feet, or splashed.

Then we waited!

Grandpa's Garden

While we’ve been waiting we’ve often read Grandpa’s Garden from my Barefoot Books collect. This wonderful book tells the story of a Grandfather and Grandson gardening together through the seasons. It talks about the phases of the garden- preparations, planting, waiting, attending, bearing fruits, harvesting and preparations for putting next season. The book has beautiful illustrations, teaches children about season and even crop rotation.
Gardening with Grandpa is perfect for my 6 and 4 year old to be able to see what we are expecting to happen next and can be used as a good distraction against the impatience they have towards plants taking so long to grow.

Yet in just over a week look how much our little vegetable garden seedlings have grown.

Plants already starting to come out

Do you garden with your kids? What age did you start involving them?


This post is an entry for Britmums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge in association with Moneysupermarket.
Thank you for getting us out into the garden.  Now that we have started it’s so much easier to keep up with the garden on a day to day basis.

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  1. We loved doing this challenge too! Love gardening with the children and in our family it’s traditional to do gardening jobs with a Grandparent!x

    • Mumonthebrink says:

      It was lovely to get started. The kit really spurred us on.
      I have other pictures too, but just cannot find the SD card they are on.

  2. Wonderful words and pictures. Commenting for myself and BritMums and thanking you for taking part
    Kate on Thin Ice recently posted…I am stainedMy Profile

    • Mumonthebrink says:

      Thank you Kate! I loved this challenge, it was perfect for getting us to finally get out into the garden and get on with it. I just wish I could find the other pictures I took of the kids with Grandma. Even the baby mucked in at one point. 🙂

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