Mini-break in Majorca

Majorca, or Mallorca as it is written in Catalan and Spanish, is the largest island in the Balearic Islands just East of mainland Spain in the Mediterranean. It has a pleasant warm climate that tourist have increasingly flocked since the 1950s.

We had the pleasure of enjoying some of the hospitality, cuisine and weather Majorca has to offer courtesy of Thomson Family Resorts. Max and I spent 4 relaxing days on an end of summer mini break at the Protur Aparthotel Bonaire.

This was a splendid 4 days of all-inclusive holiday making:

After a 2 hour flight from Gatwick and an hour transfer to the resort from Palma airport we settled into our room apartment at the Bonair.  Max, who had been awake through the flight, but slept on the coach to the resort, was ready for a bit of climbing and toddling about.

Bonaire Protur Thomson Family Resorts

 The first thing he spotted was the fruit bowl on our dining table and demanded a banana. Sitting in his highchair that the hotel had provided on request (for a small fee) he munched away happily.

 Bonaire Protur Thomson Family Resorts

Lunch followed- a wonderful spread of tasty dishes in the buffet restaurant.  Separate children’s buffet of “safe” dishes, plenty of highchairs and spare bibs available on request.  Then we went on a tour around the facilities.

In the afternoon we had a stay and play session booked in the creche to familiarise the children with the environment.  Max got all covered in paint from the apple printing.  We had to retreat to our room for a quick bath and nap, as he was near meltdown.

For dinner we chose the buffet restaurant again- the spread was even better than at lunchtime.  Salads, soups, cold dishes, warm dishes, show cooking, fresh fruit, deserts galore and unlimited ice cream. After dinner I was so full and ready for bed that I had to miss out on the evening entertainment.

Food at Bonaire Protur Thomson Family Resorts

Max settled into his cot (a lovely sturdy wooden cot from Mothercare) and was asleep in about 5 minutes.  I tried to stay up and enjoy the warm evening on the balcony, but tiredness soon caught up with me.

Max’s usual 6am wake up was thankfully 7 am due to the time difference between Spain and the UK.  … It just feels better, even though it is the same thing!  The fruit basket came in handy to keep him occupied till breakfast, as did having Cbeebies on the telly in the background.

The breakfast spread was huge- any kind of breakfast that one could imagine! Continental, full English, Spanish, fruit, cereals, the choice vast.  I needed a strong esspresso just to get my mind in gear for the decision.  The coffee was gooooood!

We had freshly made omelette made to order with ham, onions, tomatoes and cheese. Yummy! … and then some chocolate pancakes.  The show cooking chef, Marga, was so lovely, always smiling and engaging with the diners, making recommendations on what to try.

After breakfast we toddled to our room and then spent a fair amount of time watching the turtles in the turtle fountain.  Before long it was creche time and me-time: for a small fee babies and toddlers can be booked in for 2 hour slots in the morning, afternoon and evenings with childcare qualified staff to look after them.  Max didn’t like the idea and cried as I left, but soon settled- as I heard from listening at the door.   I headed to the pool-side to enjoy a little swimming and sun while he played under supervision of the delightful creche staff.  I resisted a cocktail! But enjoyed a coffee and ice-cream instead.

 Baby entertainment at Thomson Family Resorts Bonaire Protur

We decided to eat at the bar for lunch. The spread was significantly smaller, but just as tasty with a choice of salads, fruits and grilled meats, fish and vegetables.

Filled up with a delicious lunch Max fell asleep and I decided to prepare for my afternoon conference call. (Work!  I know! Always interferes with relaxing, doesn’t it?)

At the moment, WiFi is only available in the lobby area of the hotel (though we were reassured this will change for next season, when it will be available in more zones, perhaps even the rooms).  I sat in one of the comfy sofas, while catching up on emails and such.  The connection was patchy and annoyingly slow, not really enough to sustain a skype video call. I ended up using the reception’s phone to call in for my call.

The helpfulness of Reception and other staff more than made up for any frustrations caused by the internet connection.  A TUI staff member even distracted Max while I was on the call. Now that’s what I call hospitality!

By the time I had finished Max had well and truly woken up and was raring to go.  We visited the soft play and the slides.  Neither too big, but perfect for my active 15 month old.   I then steered us to the bar to test the cakes and fruit on offer in the late afternoon. Yummy!  A bit of cake, some fruit and a hot chocolate went down very well.

The evening was a bit of me-time again, where I went to the à la carte restaurant with my fellow travelers, while babies enjoyed 3 hours at the creche- playing, eating and sleeping.  Max slept through most of it without even having his dinner (even thought the creche staff had kindly fetched him some of his favourites- pasta, chicken, lots of steamed veg- from the restaurant.)

The service and the food at the à la carte restaurant, the Rimini restaurant (on site) was outstanding. A delicious 3 course meal indeed!

Afterwards, with Max sleeping in his pushchair, I got a chance to enjoy the evening entertainment. It was cheesy but real fun, involving lots of audience participation.

Our third day was spent with an excursion to Palma- to the aquarium, more splendid food at Can Eduardo and a short stroll in the town. ( More about these later.)

On the final day of our mini-break at the Thomson Family Resort Max went to the creche for 2 hours in the morning, while I jumped in the refreshing pool for a bit of a workout: treading water and chatting. I was looking forward to an afternoon of pampering at the hotel spa.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realise all treatments needed to be booked the previous day, so my plans for a nice massage fell through.  I was gutted!

Instead I packed while Max slept and then we went to the children’s pool, ate ice cream and had lots of giggles, making friends with other children and chatting to other parents. It was almost as much fun. 😉

  Baby all inclusive at Thomson Family Resorts Bonaire Protur

We got late check out, which made the day easier and far more relaxing for not having to vacate the rooms so early.

Our transfer to the airport was right after another amazing dinner at the buffet restaurant.

This mini-break to Majorca Thomson Family Resorts was over way too soon!  I didn’t want to leave, but wanted to fly Dadonthebrink, Angelina and Hugo out to join us instead. Alas, next time!


I want to come back! The Protur Aparthotel Bonaire has so much to offer in terms of food, entertainment and facilities for the kids- babies to teenagers.  Not at all like my usual DIY adventurous holidays, but with the potential for total relaxation and loads of fun for the children.  I now totally understand the lure of All-inclusive!

Baby all inclusive at Thomson Family Resorts Bonaire Protur

 The resort is so child friendly- all pushchair/wheelchair accessible, enough highchairs all around, lots for children to see and do.

My only gripe: the children’s pool was unheated and, in my opinion, way too cold for little ones to spend lots of time in. Max was only willing to get his legs wet. (Saying that we had unusually cool days with temperatures just above 20C on some days, so that probably added to the cold feeling.)

A HUGE thank you to Thomson Family Resorts and TUI travel staff for taking us on this trip and making us feel so welcome, giving us 4 carefree days, making it enjoyable even in a  single parent capacity.

How do you holiday with your little ones? DIY travel, self catering, half board or all-inclusive?

Pop over to read further reviews of the resort and our experiences from my fellow travelers with their babies and toddlers.

Majorca- Thomson Press trip preschooler trip

I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network Research Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have not paid for this mini break. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity.
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  1. Lovely to read about this after hearing all about it Friday night… off to google holidays for 2014 now!

    • Mumonthebrink says:

      😀 Go for it! Make sure it’s in a nice sunny place. If you want easy, hassle free do look at Thomson family resorts. 😉

  2. Chelle says:

    How wonderful! Lovely you and Max had such a great time. He is so cute! And you look lovely. Xx
    Chelle recently posted…Strawberry JamMy Profile

  3. This is really interesting. Was interested to see what someone who normally “‘DIY’ holidays” felt about all inclusive. My kids are older, and we always ‘DIY holiday’ after a couple of fairly disappointing all inclusives before we got married. I think the bottom line is that neither of us ‘relax’ by lounging around by a pool, and the experience of all inclusives is that they try and keep you in the resort or tied in to their tours, making it difficult for you to get out and explore in any meaningful way. On the other hand, I know the kids would probably love being somewhere with a pool on site and all that ice cream, but after our experiences, I’d be afraid that we were simply abroad for the sun and not for any horizon broadening which I think is part of the whole holiday idea for us. These days we usually head off in our camper van, although this half term we are flying to Italy for a week of culture…
    Sally Sellwood (@Recipejunkie27) recently posted…Broccoli, leek and bacon potato ‘pie’My Profile

    • Mumonthebrink says:

      Sally, I know what you mean about just being there for the sun. It is seriously tempting to just relax into it and not worry about anything. If I had my way from now on I’d have 1 week all-inclusive each year and use the rest of our holidays for adventures, proper cultural, sport or nature immersion. …and I’d LOVE to have a campervan to do a lot of it in.

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