Our family frolics of 2013

A year ago, in 2012, we were hectically preparing for Christmas.

Then suddenly the attention of the world was diverted: at Sandy Hook Elementary in the US there was a brutal spree of murders, killing innocent helpless children and adults.

At the time only close friends and family knew, the 14th of December was also the day Kerry, known to many of us as Multiple Mummy, was also taken after a long fight she had courageously fought.

I only found out in the New Year, in a way I was thankful: I thought of Kerry over the holidays and hoped she had managed to go home for Christmas, a festival which meant so much to her. Little did I know that she did go Home, just not the way I, and lots of others, had held out hope for her.

Reading the news of Kerry’s death on the 4th of January shook me to the core.  It hit me:

Life really is unpredictable, you never know what is around the corner … and Life has no dress rehearsal!

In reflection, I realised we need to stop waiting around for better weather, for the baby to grow up a bit, to have more money, everyone to be in perfect health and all the other excuses one comes up with. We need to get on with life and create memories now!

We took inspiration from Kerry and her fun-loving spirit and as a result we’ve had a fantastic year filled with family fun and adventure. I tried to write it in words, but realised pictures captured the moments so much better.

The year that was Mumonthebrink 2013



Spring 2013


The year that was 2013

The year that was summer fun 2013



The year that was 2013 autumn

This year has been filled with lots of family frolics.

I encourage everyone to stop waiting around.

There are so many things you can do as a family: if you are stuck inside check out Science Sparks (a site Kerry had founded with friend Emma) for indoor fun and experimentation; if you are looking for outdoor inspiration just search Country Kids for all sorts of outdoor adventures- near and far.

STOP making excuses!  START having adventures!



This post has been written in memory of Kerry Farrow aka Multiple Mummy who died on 14th December 2012; deeply missed.

 Please join in the Family Frolics’ blog-hop to show Kerry is not forgotten and that her love of family life had a lasting impact on others.

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  1. Oh Kerry would be BLOWN AWAY by this post. Wow wow wow the amount of things you guys have done. Amazing Mum, fulfilling the legacy Kerry left in her wake. Formidable Monika.

    Liska xxxx
    Liska (@NewMumOnline) recently posted…14th December 2013. Remembering Multiple Mummy a Year On. One Year Anniversary.My Profile

    • Mumonthebrink says:

      Liska, it really is as easy as choosing the nearest park instead of the television on a miserable day, or even popping into a museum half an hour before closing time. Time flies and if we don’t use it well, it’s lost forever.

  2. A lovely look back on the year with plenty of family fun and a great tribute to Kerry. You are so right, life is for living and there is no dress rehearsal!
    Coombemill recently posted…Country Kids from Coombe MillMy Profile

    • Mumonthebrink says:

      It’s too easy to find an excuse for why we shouldn’t go out if it’s raining, snowing, blowing. The Country Kids linky is great to inspire folks to get out there.

  3. Wonderful post – all so very true, and an ethos that I have also tried to live by this year. You’ve had an amazing year!
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) recently posted…#CountryKids – a frozen lakeMy Profile

  4. Truly wonderful. So many things you have done following in Kerry’s legacy. A woman we’ll never forget. You’re the best Monika xx
    Susan Mann recently posted…Silent Sunday 150My Profile

  5. monika this is beautiful xx

  6. What a wonderful tribute to Kerry. It looks like you’ve had a fabulous fun-packed year with your family. Outdoor, cheap fun is often the best, isn’t it?

  7. It is so easy to just sit around doing nothing and waste that time in front of the TV or something. Going to the park or simply for a walk brings a new dimension to family time and gets us all out in the fresh air. Such a fabulous post, Monika. You’ve done so much and captured so many memories.
    Sahmlovingit recently posted…Family Frolics – Making Memories For Multiple MummyMy Profile

  8. I love all the fun! Especially wearing the onesie outside. Stopping making excuses is exactly what I’m focusing on next year. Lovely tribute and i look forward to seeing what you get up to in 2014 🙂
    Pinkoddy recently posted…Motivation and Reflection JarsMy Profile

  9. I absolutely love all the pictures showing your massive adventures throughout 2013, they really embrace family life and the joys spent in each other’s company!

    Thanks for writing this post to remember Kerry, apologies for the mammoth delay in commenting but life raced along at a ridiculous pace!
    TheBoyandMe recently posted…Bank Holiday Treats (Review)My Profile

    • Mumonthebrink says:

      Thanks! Comments always welcome, however much later.

      You and I need to team up more for adventures, as we both seem to embrace happy outdoors.

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