Bringing Disneyland into your living room (Kinect game review)

XBox Kinect Disneyland Adventures PEGI7 game reviewUnder the Christmas tree, among the presents for Little Miss, was the Xbox Kinect game Disneyland Adventures. Our 5 year old is very much into the Disney princesses and fairies, so we hoped she would enjoy this game.

…and Disneyland Adventures has not disappointed! After a frustrating initial half an hour or so of getting used to the game and it’s controls, both Little Miss and Little Man (now 4 years old) have had so much fun with this game. They got the concept very quickly and are now able to control the game on their own (a first in our household).

The game can be played by one or two players. The lovely thing about Disneyland Adventures, though, is that the two players are not competing but are working together. During the game the children have to learn to collaborate and agree on what they are doing next, which games to play in order to get the most out of the game. The better the team work, the more points and more levels and goodies unlocked.

The aim of the game is making your way around Disneyland (apparently it is exactly like the real Disneyland, which we have yet to visit); along the way undertaking different challenges. As you make your way around you interact with classic Disney characters- bow and you do a little jig with them, high five them or give them a hug. (Any negative reviews I’ve read so far about Disneyland Adventures are from folks who only got this far before giving up on the game.)

In the different areas of the park there are all sorts of adventures for the players- swim with Nemo, fight Hook along side Peter Pan, dance with the Princesses. There is certainly a good variation in the games the Littlins can play and keep them active- jumping. leaning, dancing, waving about. They will be rather tired after playing this for a while.

Buzz Lightyear in Disneyland Adventures

I was in the other room when suddenly Little Man came running in squealing with joy “Buzz Lightyear! Buzz Lightyear! I found Buzz Lightyear!” This moment alone was worth buying this game for!

Ease of control (This is something that I have found a hit and miss with Kinect so far and it influences the enjoyment of the game.)
Well, the Kinect controller works pretty well with this game. It is one of the easiest games to control thus far and the Littlins have been able to take control.
The voice control is also well configured and proves to be 80-90% accurate. (Again the best of our games so far.)

Age suitability– The game is rated PEGI 7, however I think it is suited for children younger than 7 years old. I have no qualms letting my 4 and 5 year olds play it.
There are some scary bits where Buzz LightYear encounters some badies and this did frighten my sensitive 4 year old initially. However, they do love the game!
Our friends’ 8 year old daughter also played hours on it, while their 11 year old son liked it but got bored after an hour or so. Though he did return again and again for small burst of playing on the game.

There are two things I don’t like about the game thus far.

One, there is no obvious way to save progress: if a player is recognised, then sometimes it saves it and will continue from where they left off, but it doesn’t always happen. There should be a “save game” button.
The other, when navigating around the park the children have to raise their arm and point to the direction they want to go. When moving their arms around the avatars’ elbows often buckle the wrong way. This is a rather morbid sight and shows lack of attention to detail in the programming. It doesn’t impact the enjoyability or functionality of the game, except for those of us who have had a broken elbow and this sight brings back painful memories.

The game is now on offer. I bought it for £14.99, down from the original RRP of £29.99, which I think is excellent value for money for the number of games within Disneyland Adventures. This game will provide days of entertainment …and probably not just for the kids. 😉

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