Chalkboard in the Alcove- One corner at a time

Have you got a spare alcove that’s not doing anything?  How about creating a  chalkboard wall feature?  All you need is some blackboard paint and wall stickers for this quick and easy project:

We rearranged Angelina’s bedroom a couple of months ago. The boys moved in together into the other bedroom and Angelina’s bedroom got a makeover with a new loft bed that we bought from our neighbour.

With the size of the room and the dimensions of the loft bed, there was only one way to position the bed really.  This meant leaving the dark alcove sort of redundant.  At first, I thought it would make a good reading nook with some lighting added and a beanbag.  However, it was quite nice to have some floor space too and not clutter that up further.

Then came the thought of creating a large chalkboard.  I was sure I had some blackboard paint from a couple of years ago, when I used some of it in our previous house, but I couldn’t find it.  The project was put on hold.

In preparation for the Charlbury Riverside Music Festival I popped into our local scrapstore, Orinoco  to stock up on recycled craft products.  Orinoco is a charity, based in Oxford that promotes re-use, art and creative play through education and direct action.  It is a treasure cave of amazing finds.  I love that place!!!  This time besides the craft supplies I came away with half a tin of matt black wood and metal paint and the recipe to create blackboard paint.

I needed some grout to add to my find.  However, I didn’t have that at home and was so keen to start my project that I used polyfilla powder instead.  It thickened the paint sufficiently and seems to have done the trick.

Creating the chalk board:

I washed the wall with sugarsoap and let it dry.

Masked the area I wanted to paint off. You see, I don’t like the fidgety cutting in with a brush and I always get too enthusiastic with a roller, so end up splattering the adjacent walls too.  Masking off helps prevent this.

 Preparation chalkboard blackboard alcove

Then I got down to painting.  2 coats were needed, despite it being a one coat paint; I left a day to dry between applying the coats.

Angelina helped with some of the preparation- laying newspaper on the floor; then keeping me company while I painted.

We left it to dry for a further 24 hours after both coats of paint were applied.

Angelina got some mirrored butterfly and heart wall stickers for Christmas and then we were sent some more butterfly stickers from Walls of the Wild to review a couple of months ago.

We got to work positioning these. It didn’t feel right just putting all the stickers on the blackboard part, some were placed around it too.

 Applying wall stickers blackboard chalkboard

On the sheet the stickers weren’t very impressive, the printing didn’t seem crisp, but once we stuck them on the wall they look fantastic! (I’m looking at their other ranges for the boys’ room.) Unfortunately, the mirrorred stickers which came from a cheap source, aka pound shop, have not done so well- they fell off the next day. 🙁

It’s recommended to prime a blackboard, i.e. coat it with chalk all over before first use, wash off with a slightly damp cloth and then it’s ready to use.  We did as recommended.

 priming chalkboard blackboard with chalk and wiping clean

The final touch: we chose a quote together with Angelina.
Hey presto the finished result:

Blackboard chalkboard with quote in kids bedroom

 (It probably needs another clean and for me to write the quote with a slightly different font.)

I’ve also ordered some colourful chalkboard markers, so we’ll add some extra detail, such as flowers for the butterflies, maybe some lines for practicing writing.

The wall got used the day it was finished already with Angelina and Hugo playing school teachers.  Angelina was teaching Hugo to write.  I love this!

Total time for project:  3x 30 minutes spread over 3 days
Total cost for project:  £10 specialist blackboard paint
£1 donation to Orinoco for black paint + already had third of a bag of polyfilla
£3 for mirrored stickers
£19.99 for printed butterfly stickers*


What small project have you embarked on over the past month? Perhaps a chalkboard of your own?


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*Wall stickers were sent in return for reviewing them.

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    What a great idea love it
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  2. What a brilliant idea – thank you for hosting.
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  3. I am loving the use of blackboard paint, its something i think i will certainly look at using too! xx thanks for hosting x
    Jaime Oliver recently posted…Review: Public Transport And The Maxi-Cosi LoolaMy Profile

  4. Love this idea and I didn’t know you could actually make blackboard paint. The butterflies look so real.

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