I’m broken… but I’m plotting my return

For a couple of weeks my blog has been broken. Initially it was all stuck in the Doldrums, I had no access and, stupidly, no backup of it. Then I managed to retrieve my posts and pictures and “park” over 18 months of my work on http://mumonthebrink.Wordpress.com
Please do visit there for some interesting reads!

As I battle my daily duties as a mother, housekeeper, driver and so on it is hard to find the dedicated time to spend on the technical nuances of rebuilding this blog. …heck, it’s hard enough to find time write a post on some most days! So please stay with me and excuse that you might find a tweak each time you return!

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  1. Glad that you’ve found a way forward

    • mumonthebrink says:

      Thanks Jax! It’s a slow process, as all the picture info was lost in transition. I don’t trust the theme I was using either, so I’m experimenting with new ones.


  1. […] This year we might do a big road trip across the UK, that depends on whether I can get my head around how I would cope with a 1 year old just on the move.  Last year, just after he was born it was so much easier to plan.  I also took notes and I’m not sure why I didn’t post my hints and tips immediately… oh yes, the small matter of my blog being broken. […]

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