Friday Footprint Challenge: my half a pig

Half a pig Oxford friday footprint challenge

In my continued quest to reduce our food miles, and thereby our food footprint, I bought half a pig. The lovely farmer kept to his word and called back when he had had the gilt (girl pig) slaughtered.  We agreed a price per kilo that is a slight premium over what I pay at the supermarket […]

A budget handset- Prestigio Multiphone 8500 Duo review

Prestigio Multiphone 8500 duo Windowsphone 04 ©Mumonthebrink

You may be forgiven for not having heard of Prestigio before.  I hadn’t, even though this Cyprus based company has been around for over 10 years.  The Prestigio Multiphone 8500 Duo is a new step for them in a collaboration with Microsoft.  When offered a handset for review I accepted the challenge because of some interesting features […]

Friday footprint challenge: progress with buying local

Meat at the covered market in Oxford

Taking baby steps has worked! This week we’ve stuck to buying British for our meat and veg. I even managed to pop into the fabulous Covered Market in Oxford town center where I got a pretty good selection of meats: Pork chops, chicken wings and chicken drums and thighs. The 3 packs for £6. This […]

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Does the ToothFairy come when you loose your last milktooth at 40?

dental tourism Hungary London toothfairy

Even as  an adult I long to believe in fairies, especially the toothfairy (yes, that same toothfairy … [Read More...]

Lindos, Rhodes- an excursion with Mark Warner holidays

Lindos Rhodes MW 03

Lindos is an old town over 3000 years old situated on the Greek Island of Rhodes.  This historic … [Read More...]

New to cruising? 15 things to expect on the Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the Seas  012  ©Mumonthebrink

Are you new to cruising? Is this the first time you are considering cruising as a family holiday, … [Read More...]

The Levante Beach Resort, Rhodes a Mark Warner holiday

Rhodes Levante beach resort Mark warner arrival and room  8  ©Mumonthebrink

Stepping off a plane to be hit by warm, humid air in the dark of the night always makes me existed: … [Read More...]

A postcard…with love: Würzburg, Germany

Würzburg Residenz

Hello my Lovely, Guten Tag from Würzburg in Bayern, Germany. We've been to see the Würzburg … [Read More...]


Is this the coolest mama bike? … the Sparta Ion m-gear

Sparta Ion m gear mama bike

So you ask: what is a mama bike? It’s a term I recently discovered in Holland and it refers to a bike designed for moms (and dads) to transport children and shopping.  It’s a bike that has a long frame that will accommodate a child seat in front and probably one in the back. Little […]

A busy mum’s time management… what’s in your toolkit?

Windows 8.1 upgrade Word_Flow_Shape_Writing

The other day a little 30 second video landed in my inbox.  (I’ve popped it at the bottom of the post, if you are interested.) It was about how much the chap relies on his phone and it made me think: Nowadays, as I leave the front door I usually check that I have my […]

How to listen to the latest hits for free AND without adverts

Nokia Mix Radio

There’s a little smilie icon on my Nokia Lumia 1020.  It took me over a month after getting my phone to discover what it was:  I was sitting in the car, in a traffic jam into London just before Christmas.  My car stereo is broken and I was bored.  I search music on my phone […]

The first Formula E test day- was it what we expected?

Max stroking the car Formula E first test day Donnington Park 2 © Mumonthebrink

How ironic is it that on a day all about the electric revolution I have few pictures to show because both my windowsphone and Dadonthebrink’s iPhone have let us down?  Both our batteries died early on during the first day of Formula E. Nonetheless we had a memorable day.  On the public testing days access is […]

Window 8.1 update on my Nokia Lumia 1020- first impressions

Windows 8.1 upgrade new notifications icon

There I was sitting in the car, on my way to Brighton, desperate to access my Nokia Drive app for directions. My phone screen told me: Almost there… …it will be worth the wait! {Grrr!} I had my Nokia 1020 telling me this for most of the night before and that morning.  I was so frustrated, […]

Creating music with Microsoft

A couple of days ago The Microsoft Apartment hosted an exciting panel discussion with music leaders from Deezer, the Music Managers’ Forum (MMF) and the Featured Artists’ Coalition (FAC), as well as artist Nate James, to talk about how Microsoft is driving change in the creation and consumption of music. We even had David Rowntree from Blur attend to join the debate!  I was lucky enough […]

Phone camera test: The Nokia 1020 vs iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s versus Nokia 1020 camera image quality

Well, I’ve had lots of practice taking pictures with my Nokia 1020. And while I was taking my time sorting out photos for my review of the Nokia 1020 camera, Dadonthebrink’s work went out and got him and his colleagues each an  iPhone 5s.  I set straight to work and used the opportunity for a […]

The truth about the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera #timetestedreview

Nokia 1020 in case

The bright yellow phone in a bright red jacket, that’s my Nokia Lumia 1020, my new companion gadget for the past couple of months. The question I get asked most often (especially from technically-minded dads at the kids’ school or out and about) is whether the camera really as good as it’s made out to […]

Date night shared with a mega tablet

Lenovo Horizon family gaming friends games table PC

On the last day of my parents staying with us Dadonthebrink and I finally managed to go out. It was our date night. However it was a date night with a difference: I dragged him to London to a product launch by Lenovo. In the early evening traffic it took nearly 2 hours to navigate our […]

An ear thermometer that works… and more bargains


About a month ago I went to a press event for Aldi. It was also a round table for mums and their buyer of baby products, introducing their range and talking about the things they are doing. ​ As Aldi is on the other side of town I probably only go once every 3-4 weeks, […]

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Family Life

A most magical Christmas…best sort the next one.

Christmas 1  ©Mumonthebrink

Hearing the word Christmas as the Summer turns to Autumn fills me with a mixture of excitement and … [Read More...]

Truancy and dinosaurs

What to do When You Find a Dinosaur- how fossils are made

A week ago I spotted an advert at the children's centre for a production at Oxford Playhouse's … [Read More...]

Meal planning for dummies

meal planning for dummies using a skeleton meal plan

Cooking is one of those love hate things. I love to do it, but it becomes a chore to do … [Read More...]

We did it!!! Cycling to school in Oxford

cycle to school

We live in the beautiful Oxford. Oxford is supposedly a cycling city, yet there have been a … [Read More...]

Mummy’s going away for a couple of days

Next week I'm off on a press trip all on my own, no kids, just fellow bloggers! Congratulations … [Read More...]

My ultimate camping checklist for the UK & Europe


We have nearly 5 weeks of camping planned in the next month or so.  Generally I'm so disorganised, … [Read More...]

LittleLife Toddler daysack with reins

LittleLife daysack

Couple of years ago I vowed never to use toddler reins again. Then Max came along.  My beautiful, … [Read More...]

The multilingual toddler- 23 months old


Max is a week shy of 23 months old.  As his peers' vocabulary increases, so does Max's. His speech … [Read More...]

6 top tips for a long road trip with young children

6 top tips for driving long distances with young children baby © Mumonthebrink

Over the past years we've had our fair share of long road trips transversing Europe with young … [Read More...]

Layering clothes for children autumn, winter and spring

Layering clothes for children autumn winter spring © Mumonthebrink

As Max grows and walks more we have been going outdoors more as a family.  We love rambling through … [Read More...]