Winter Wonderland Hyde Park

Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London- a fun-filled family day out

The Winter Wonderland is a huge pop-up festive theme park in London’s Hyde Park, returning each year. This year they are celebrating their 10th Anniversary, and the list of entertainment and activities is mind blowing. You can go ice skating, enjoy a glass of mulled wine at the German Christmas market (probably in that order!), […]

Pledge to be Real… for my Daughter’s and Sons’ Sakes

Pledge to be real

Parenting fail…I thought I was doing a decent job with raising my kids to be happy with how they look. Then all it took was one sentence from Angelina- “I don’t want to put those trousers on because they make my legs look fat!” – and all my confidence that I was winning at at […]

Blenheim Palace, a winter wonderland family day out

 Blenheim Palace has always held a special spot in my heart: It’s a beautiful estate just a stone’s throw from Oxford. We’ve had many Sunday walks there and the kids have ridden the little train, admired the butterflies in the butterfly house, conquered the maze more often than I can count.  I love following the […]

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Blenheim Palace, a winter wonderland family day out

 Blenheim Palace has always held a special spot in my heart: It's a beautiful estate just a stone's … [Read More...]

The secrets behind an ITB trade stand for Qatar airlines

Sorry, this is one of those posts that I'm writing because what I learned is totally fascinating to … [Read More...]

Moving to Sweden from the UK: Our moving logistics were a bit nuts :-D

Moving to Sweden from the England

For months I tried to pack and sort our lives while Dadonthebrink worked away during the week and … [Read More...]

Memories of a Moroccan souk

2006 was a fabulous year! It was the year to indulge midlife crisis and sail from Malta, to … [Read More...]

Family bonding over Afternoon Tea at St Ermin’s hotel, London

Luxury afternoon tea London St Ermins hotel 1

  Mummy, I really love peppermint tea! -Hugo exclaimed in the car homeward bound. This made … [Read More...]


How much is your data worth?

How much is your data worth WD research

Like many, I have lost data- pictures and documents- a number of times.  Last time was this summer, when my laptop crashed and the HDD had to be reformatted and all my programs and data reinstated. A photo posted by Monika Life Travels Family (@mumonthebrink) on Apr 10, 2015 at 3:12pm PDT How does this […]

10 steps to get the kids enthusiastic about housework: vacuuming with the Dyson v6 total clean

Dyson total clean no cords needed vacuum cleaner1

Every once in a while my geeky side is reconfirmed… and then I get to see these have been genes passed onto the kids too. I hate housework, but reluctantly try to stay on top.  Tell me I’m not alone! My secret tools to keeping on top are an extra large capacity washing machine, a well-honed […]

How an ink subscription is changing what my fridge looks like

HP Envy 5530 all in one printer freeyourpics

What is stopping me from printing my pictures? Not much anymore! I’ve had so much fun in the past few days browsing through the photos from the past couple of months for my Free your Pictures challenge. And at the same time I’m thinking to myself- Why haven’t I done this more before? The answer is […]

TV viewing habits

Netflix on your TV

When the TV breaks it can change habits very quickly…Not that we watch TV much, but it is on quite often, in the background. Recently our TV broke.  After research and search we decided to buy another one.  No, it wasn’t an obvious choice to buy another one as we did consider going without one… […]

Things that piss me off today- Tech fail Saturday

Some days you just wish you didn’t need to get out of bed and I know it’s a mindset to just brush these aside, but they are stressing me and making my eyelid twitch today. So I’m venting and ranting. What frustrates me though is how little longevity is apparently built into these expensive items.  […]

My blog camera- SLR to point and shoot to DSLR

My journey through cameras

As the “what camera should I get?” question is a recurring question asked in blogger forums, I thought I’d ask a couple of bloggers in the my blog and vlog camera series.   Let me introduce Mary from Over 40 and a Mum to One  She’s been running a parenting, lifestyle and travel blog for the last […]

My blog and vlog camera

The effects of information overload are evident in how blogs are evolving. Posts with great images are winning over the wordy ones, blogs with pleasing visuals are conquering even some well-written ones.   In blogger forums one of the most common questions that crops up again and again:  I’m looking to upgrade my camera, what […]

Canon Legria Mini X Review

Canon’s Legria Mini is designed as a vlog camera with the focus on usability for video blogs.  I’ve had Canon’s Legria Mini X on loan for just over 2 months and have put it through it’s paces in a variety of situations, beyond just video blogs. First impressions When I first took the camera out it seemed […]

A budget handset- Prestigio Multiphone 8500 Duo review

Prestigio Multiphone 8500 duo Windowsphone 04 ©Mumonthebrink

You may be forgiven for not having heard of Prestigio before.  I hadn’t, even though this Cyprus based company has been around for over 10 years.  The Prestigio Multiphone 8500 Duo is a new step for them in a collaboration with Microsoft.  When offered a handset for review I accepted the challenge because of some interesting features […]

Another laptop bites the dust

Lenovo laptop back up OneDrive

Can you believe it?   My 16 month old Lenovo IdeaPad laptop died!  My previous one (an Asus) lasted just a tad longer, just over 18 months, the one before that (a Toshiba) I had for 5 years.  I’m not doing really well since the trusty Toshiba, am I?   These last two have just […]

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Family Life

A Quiet House


Even with my parents here the house is uncharacteristically quiet. Dadonthebrink is away in … [Read More...]

Good-bye Dear Loyal Friend

Joshy our springer spaniel cross

We were at a playground by the Danube in middle Austria.  The sun was setting and the kids were … [Read More...]

TV viewing habits

Netflix on your TV

When the TV breaks it can change habits very quickly…Not that we watch TV much, but it is on quite … [Read More...]

How NOT to carry a child on your bike

Cycling with kids bicycle seat safety

We're talking regular bikes, not the snazzy, super cool ones specially developed for carrying … [Read More...]

Moments- Little Green Wellies

Little Green Wellies

As the rain pitter patters outside, I ponder what should become of the Little Green Wellies. You … [Read More...]

Motherhood Moments- Special time with my child

magic motherhood moments

Motherhood is chaotic! Especially with more than one child. ...or is it just me? Motherhood can be … [Read More...]

Moments: Embrace Happy

Parenting can have such amazing rewards... if only we notice them! You work your guts out, with … [Read More...]

A most magical Christmas…best sort the next one.

Hearing the word Christmas as the Summer turns to Autumn fills me with a mixture of excitement and … [Read More...]

Truancy and dinosaurs

A week ago I spotted an advert at the children's centre for a production at Oxford Playhouse's … [Read More...]

Meal planning for dummies

meal planning for dummies using a skeleton meal plan

Cooking is one of those love hate things. I love to do it, but it becomes a chore to do … [Read More...]