What? No toilets or showers? Camping at Aldridge Hill

aldridge hill new forest  1  © Mumonthebrink

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!  What better (or more insane?) way to start our summer holidays of camping, than to pick a site with no facilities aside from drinking water and chemical toilet disposal point? And to top it, invite a friend with her […]

My favourite beach holiday destination: Barcelona

Barcelona Beach

A beach holiday in Barcelona?!  You might be forgiven for thinking you read that wrong.  However, I stand by it. I’ve had a quite a few holidays which took me to the beach- New Zealand’s deserted beaches with thermal springs, the famous Bondi Beach in Sydney was our weekend haunt for some formative years of […]

Building that perfect campfire… and a camping weekend #giveaway

Build a Campfire  1  © Mumonthebrink

From cooking to storytelling, campfires are a key part of a magical camping experience, providing a comforting glow right up until the last flames are extinguished. However, for a campfire to bring such lasting joy to a group of campers, it has to be properly constructed to ensure that it serves its purpose and not cause endless frustration. There […]

How to listen to the latest hits for free AND without adverts

Nokia Mix Radio

There’s a little smilie icon on my Nokia Lumia 1020.  It took me over a month after getting my phone to discover what it was:  I was sitting in the car, in a traffic jam into London just before Christmas.  My car stereo is broken and I was bored.  I search music on my phone […]

My ultimate camping checklist for the UK & Europe


We have nearly 5 weeks of camping planned in the next month or so.  Generally I’m so disorganised, so I’ve always had a camping checklist from the times Dadonthebrink and I used to head off for multi-day treks. The checklist evolves. In the past year since we’ve started camping with the kids again I’ve honed […]

How to ruin a perfectly delicious fillet of wild salmon [with video evidence]

Wild versus farmed salmon 1  © Mumonthebrink

We love seafood!  My kids would live on fish and other seafoods all the time if they could.  Therefore it was a no brainer to volunteer to try some Alaskan Wild Salmon when I Mumsnet and the Alaskan Seafood Board were looking for families to try the product. Alaska is high on my bucket list […]

The first Formula E test day- was it what we expected?

Max stroking the car Formula E first test day Donnington Park 2 © Mumonthebrink

How ironic is it that on a day all about the electric revolution I have few pictures to show because both my windowsphone and Dadonthebrink’s iPhone have let us down?  Both our batteries died early on during the first day of Formula E. Nonetheless we had a memorable day.  On the public testing days access is […]

How to make a knights’ castle cake- Super Easy

Knight chocolate castle cake assembly

Here’s another super easy birthday cake, another castle cake, this one a knights’ castle cake with lots of chocolate: It’s birthday party time.  The request was for a Mike the knight party and a chocolate cake.  I took inspiration from the super easy pink princess castle cake to make this knight’s castle birthday cake. This […]

July Postcard with love

A postcard with love Mumonthebrink

The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see. Gilbert K. Chesterton   I’m not sure what my July postcard(s) with love is going to be, although we have lots of trips planned for the month- including Oxford’s Alice Day, the Cowley Road carnival, a camping trip to the […]

Window 8.1 update on my Nokia Lumia 1020- first impressions

Windows 8.1 upgrade new notifications icon

There I was sitting in the car, on my way to Brighton, desperate to access my Nokia Drive app for directions. My phone screen told me: Almost there… …it will be worth the wait! {Grrr!} I had my Nokia 1020 telling me this for most of the night before and that morning.  I was so frustrated, […]

LittleLife Toddler daysack with reins

LittleLife daysack

Couple of years ago I vowed never to use toddler reins again. Then Max came along.  My beautiful, extremely strong willed baby, who turned into a toddler with a very independent spirit.  He has been keen to run after his siblings ever since the moment he developed a recognition of who they actually were. Coinciding […]

A postcard… with love: Le Bec-Hellouin, Normandy

Le Bec-Hellouin a postcard with love 2

My dear Friend, We stopped off at Le Bec-Hellouin, this most beautiful village in Normandy, on our way to Le Mans.  The Abbey at Le Bec-Hellouin is tranquil, the bells chiming for service mesmerizing. After 2 hours in the car from Calais we all had a good walk and run around. We loved the old buildings, the […]

Creating music with Microsoft

A couple of days ago The Microsoft Apartment hosted an exciting panel discussion with music leaders from Deezer, the Music Managers’ Forum (MMF) and the Featured Artists’ Coalition (FAC), as well as artist Nate James, to talk about how Microsoft is driving change in the creation and consumption of music. We even had David Rowntree from Blur attend to join the debate!  I was lucky enough […]

5 + 1 things to do in Le Mans with kids

Le Mans Cathedral

We went to Le Mans two weeks too early!  I was jealous hearing about all the action of the Le Mans 24 hours race in the town over the weekend from our friends and social media channels.   However, we did have lots of fun and didn’t need to navigate the city through the influx of […]

Follow Tolkien’s footsteps to a forest of magic- Puzzlewood

view of lookout- Puzzlewood forest of dean magical mystical Tolkien

The Forest of Dean is a gorgeous spans of woodland, but it has a extra special corner-Puzzlewood, an eerie and mystical forest.  This is a forest I’m not sure I’d dare to enter as the night draws in!   A landscape shaped by, what geologists think are, collapsed caves and ancient trees.  The floor of the […]

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