Picnic, festival and camping essential- Outwell transporter #tried and #welltested

outwell transporter cart trolley wagon time tested review 2 © Mumonthebrink

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!During our first visit to Playmobil Fun Park we spotted German families with older and younger children towing carts instead of using pushchairs. They had the cool box and other “essentials” for a family day out in there; Sometimes even […]

A postcard…with love: Würzburg, Germany

Würzburg Residenz

Hello my Lovely, Guten Tag from Würzburg in Bayern, Germany. We’ve been to see the Würzburg Residenz today.  A World Heritage site, with some amazing stucco work. A lot of it burnt down in the war, but some extraordinary rooms survived and some have been recreated with greater (and lesser) success. Bizarrely, one is not allowed to […]

A postcard…with love: Nieuwpoort, Belgium

Nieuwpoort belgium seaside beach postcard

My dear Friend, Today we planned to travel, drive and get to our stop over for the night quickly. Instead we ended up on this gorgeous beach in Nieuwpoort, Belgium. We had a delicious picnic lunch, a splash in the North Sea and enjoyed the warm soft sand tickling our feet. Although it was a brief […]

3 great outings on the Gower with kids 2 to 7 years old

Worms head tidal causeway

  Having heard so much about how beautiful the Gower peninsula is, this week came the time to explore it for ourselves.  Our short week in this beautiful part of Wales did not disappoint.  Exploring it with my brood was great fun, perfect for bonding with little modern life distractions.  I had no agenda for […]

Campy goes to the Gower aka 9 lessons learnt about single parenting

Pimms o'clock- I knew those colourful plastic ice cubes would come in handy one day! :-)

… or would the title be better as Mr Bean goes to the Gower?   (I certainly felt like Mr Bean at times.)   We popped home on the weekend to wash and do washing after our fabulous “a place called away” adventure at Aldridge Hill in the New Forest (read about it here: Aldridge […]

Postcard… with love from August 2014

A postcard with love Mumonthebrink

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. Martin Buber   As masses in Europe and North America flock to enjoy a break from the daily routine, I wonder what secret destinations people discover. Over the past weeks we have enjoyed stopping off in unexpected places, glimpsing new sights. I have loved […]

10 tips to help your money take you further #travel #budgeting


So we have a limited budget and limited time but want still to travel as a family of five. These top 10 holiday budgeting tips come from our own experiences (and all links represented in this post are for organisations I’d recommend to my nearest and dearest and none have been paid for.) We are travellers […]

A Postcard…with love: the Gower Peninsula, Wales

Postcard with love gower peninsula wales worms head rhossili oxwich

Hi, We’re sending our love from the Gower. If you are ever after endless beaches to share with few others, this is the place! We’ve had lovely long walks, splashed in the shallow waters and delved into rockpools. Little mobile reception, little interruption from modern life. We bought our veggies straight from the farm from […]

A Postcard…with love: the New Forest, UK

Postcard with love New Forest Aldridge hill

  My Dear, We’re having such a fabulous time with our friends in the New Forest at Aldridge Hill campsite.  It’s hot and the kids are in the stream constantly; discovering all sorts of small and large critters, building dams, swimming, swinging, cycling. I totally understand why this site is referred to by the Camping […]

What? No toilets or showers? Camping at Aldridge Hill

aldridge hill new forest  1  © Mumonthebrink

  What better (or more insane?) way to start our summer holidays of camping, than to pick a site with no facilities aside from drinking water and chemical toilet disposal point? And to top it, invite a friend with her 3 kids who is “not into camping” and loves her 1-2 showers a day. Two […]

My favourite beach holiday destination: Barcelona

Barcelona Beach

A beach holiday in Barcelona?!  You might be forgiven for thinking you read that wrong.  However, I stand by it. I’ve had a quite a few holidays which took me to the beach- New Zealand’s deserted beaches with thermal springs, the famous Bondi Beach in Sydney was our weekend haunt for some formative years of […]

Building that perfect campfire… and a camping weekend #giveaway

Build a Campfire  1  © Mumonthebrink

From cooking to storytelling, campfires are a key part of a magical camping experience, providing a comforting glow right up until the last flames are extinguished. However, for a campfire to bring such lasting joy to a group of campers, it has to be properly constructed to ensure that it serves its purpose and not cause endless frustration. There […]

How to listen to the latest hits for free AND without adverts

Nokia Mix Radio

There’s a little smilie icon on my Nokia Lumia 1020.  It took me over a month after getting my phone to discover what it was:  I was sitting in the car, in a traffic jam into London just before Christmas.  My car stereo is broken and I was bored.  I search music on my phone […]

My ultimate camping checklist for the UK & Europe


We have nearly 5 weeks of camping planned in the next month or so.  Generally I’m so disorganised, so I’ve always had a camping checklist from the times Dadonthebrink and I used to head off for multi-day treks. The checklist evolves. In the past year since we’ve started camping with the kids again I’ve honed […]

How to ruin a perfectly delicious fillet of wild salmon [with video evidence]

Wild versus farmed salmon 1  © Mumonthebrink

We love seafood!  My kids would live on fish and other seafoods all the time if they could.  Therefore it was a no brainer to volunteer to try some Alaskan Wild Salmon when I Mumsnet and the Alaskan Seafood Board were looking for families to try the product. Alaska is high on my bucket list […]

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